Recommended rhythm machine application DM1

Simple and easy to use rhythm machine app


It is a maa who is struggling with settings for adsense Hello everyone

What I would like to introduce this time is the iPhone, iPad system application, but a simple, easy-to-use, good-sounding rhythm machine is here

It is DM1 I want to recommend it to everyone who always uses

The picture on the right is where I placed the kick

One beat in a row on a large square

There are 4 rows so there are 4 beats







I arranged a snare










You can adjust the volume and pitch of each part









It has FX function and can apply reverb and delay etc.

I don’t apply much effects

Let’s listen to the sound

Make some patterns

Switch to the song mode and arrange it

One song can be played so easy and intuitive to operate







Not only tempo but also swing rate etc.









Once you’re done, you’ll be able to share both patterns and songs.





You can also click and type in the rhythm pattern and you will play an active part in your home practice.

Each part also has a lot of timbre, so you can make your own drum set and it also has techno-like sound.

You can use EDM music genre

In my case, when I make a demo sound source, I drive in this DM1 and put it in the REAPER and put a guitar or a bass on it to make a demo.

This is a good time since it is available for several hundred yen.