The future where blockchains save music from illegal downloads

Blockchain technology prevents unauthorized copying of digital data

The other day I saw a commentary about blockchain technology in a video of a famous blogger, but there was a story that the market for second-hand e-books might be possible in the future

Speaking of blockchain technology, virtual currency is famous, but I learned that it is an application-friendly technology in various genres besides virtual currency

Distributed ledger technology prevents unauthorized copying (tampering) of digital data, in the case of virtual currency, the buying and selling of money (virtual currency) which is digital data is described in ledgers on networks distributed around the world, and illegal copying

Blockchain technology is also starting to be used on online games

CryptoKitties Official site

Online Cat Breeding and Breeding Games Rare cats seem to sell for more than 10 million yen. It looks like a Pokemon with the absolute number of rare characters fixed.

Because it is managed by the block chain, it is impossible to copy the rare cat illegally, so it will be traded at high price

In electronic books

If you think about e-books, for example, you can not sell books that you have read as kindle books, but you can sell real books to used bookstores.

Electronic books are just buying the right to read books

However, using the blockchain technology to trade the transfer of browsing rights may create a market for second-hand e-books

New markets can be a new source of revenue for writers and cartoonists

There are a lot of books that you want to read if it is a little cheaper now in the future even if it is not immediately for users.

Problems with the app musicFM in Japan

By the way, this is the main subject, but recently, in the music industry, CDs are not sold, and some artists and band members who are active in a band whose name is famous to a major debut are part-time workers and earning living expenses while earning living expenses. I hear it. As I can not eat in the band, I also heard the story of leaving and searching for work, not just the unsold band, but a fairly famous band

It might be something like this

MusicFM is an app that encourages illegal downloading. Young people with false recognition that they can listen to music for free even if they don’t buy CDs or they know it is illegal but there are lots of people who are stuck because they can listen to music for free I heard that there is a possibility of being punishable because of course it is illegal, I also heard that the profit that is supposed to enter the artist or the office is being exploited abroad as an advertisement displayed in the illegal app.


Manage the ownership (viewing right) of digital music data using blockchain technology

For example, if the new song of popular singer A has only 100 pieces of digital data on the market, duplication is impossible by block chain technology. People who bought out money can of course be able to watch

When you own the song of popular singer A, a new added value of limited to 100 will be added

I do not know how much the price of 1 song (1 file) will be, but it can be expected that high price will be attached by the added value of limited 100

However, musicians should naturally ask for more people, so the number of files should increase

You can not make illegal copies if you manage with blockchain even if you increase it You can transfer the ownership of music files just like selling used e-books like second-hand e-books like second-hand e-books, musicians by the second-hand music file market and music Affiliates get new profits

You can set the price according to the demand and supply of the market, consult with the music office, and I hope for better artist activities.

As a music fan I want you to continue to have better music, and I am saddened that the artist has not reached a legitimate profit

It was a story I was thinking about with less brains to eliminate illegal download apps, thank you for reading so far

I’m not familiar with the technical knowledge of IT, so I’m sorry if you make a mistake I’m glad if you can point it out in the comments