Strato vs Les Paul !! Strato is quick to improve

Why does maa use strat?

The guitar I bought for the first time in junior high school was a copy model of Les Paul called LoveROCK model of tokai

tokai loverock

I thought about it for 5 years and changed it to a jagged guitar called Gibson’s Explorer I thought it was about ¥150,000 and I think that there was no reason why I made it to Explorer, I think that maybe it was so flashy or so simple

Gibson Explorer

I was beaten on the stage in the end of the youthfulness and repaired, and it looks like this, but for a while it sounds

When I was wondering what to do, my friend bought a new Fender custom strat high strat and said, “I’ll sell it cheaply.” The blade R2 in this photo below Is

I’ve been playing humbucker guitars for a long time, so I was surprised to play a single coil guitar!

Feature 1 of single coil

blade R2

The rise of the sound is fast! So even if you cut the sound the response is fast

You may not know the world of 0 commas until it makes a sound and it is not necessary to actually play it, but it is clearly different from the Les Paul. I do not know that I’m just listening

It is said that it is suitable for cutting whether the telecaster is the same or more rapid rising of sound, but here is the point

Feature 2 of single coil

Wide range of weak and strong sounds Small sounds are small, large sounds are loud

If it is a humbucker, it is difficult to make a weak sound (small sound)! Because the output is large, a louder sound comes out even if you play it weakly. In the extreme, it feels like the comp is always applied

Picking nuance doesn’t grow with Les Paul

I thought, for the first time I started using strats, I forgot the right hand picking nuances and studied delicate sound expressions

I think I did not notice that I was a Les Paul

The range of delicate expression is wider in Strat, which is a great advantage of Strat

There is also the goodness of Les Paul’s thick and sweet sound, but the equalizing and pedaling can be used, so the range of expressive power of Strat’s picking nuance will be the player’s great weapon

Other Strato Benefits

  • Lighter than Les Paul
  • Neck is thinner and easier to play than Les Paul

Stratos are light and thin and easy to play. On the contrary, it is said that the disadvantage is that single coils are easy to pick up noises, but I do not feel at all if I maintain properly

I recommend Strat if you are a beginner and lost in either Strato or Les Paul I think that the picking nuances on the right hand are faster in Strat. The wide range of expression, light and easy to play is a great advantage of Strat. A wide range of music genres can be covered

That’s why Strato and Les Paul were faster to improve on Strat

The Les Paulists would have some objections, but we will also write about Les Paul’s good cousin, so please forgive me