Spider finger training to make the left hand finger independent

What is spider finger training?

It is an evolution of common chromatic practice

1234 ………… Let’s play slowly with quarter notes in order, it is better to also click

If you hold it once as a rule, keep that finger there without releasing it until the next turn

It is the opposite when it reaches 12th of 6 strings

I will raise from the 6th string

Do not move your fingers as much as possible. Only the finger you play flips and the other fingers are fixed

Let’s do the same thing on the 6th fret start when it reaches the 12th of the 1st string

Do it in the same way and end when it reaches 12 frets

In the case of myself, I do the preparatory exercises before the guitar practice

I think the ring finger and so on will become stronger every day

I think that this kind of chromatic practice is not done so much now

It is recommended because it will come after a long time and it will come after a long time