Is down-picking training muscle training?

Half mute down picking

First of all, please click here

It is a step of the eighth note and a step of 16 minutes of mixing at tempo 170.

I think that it is a backing pattern often used in Melocore etc. Is it a metal for 16 minutes mix?

I was struggling to get rid of half-mute downpicking in the old days of Melocore heyday

The long-haired ninja metal guitarist who was watching it said,

“Maa, downpicking chubby Hana no yanai! Muscles and nieces! We ninja metalars will copy fast backings? Amateurs will have a guitar and try to practice? Since I’m starting with push-ups !! Because I’m wearing metal lines! Because I’m putting metal lines! “

The senior’s eyes were serious. And he showed me the hump of the muscle around the upper arm of the right arm, “This is a metal muscle!”

I was completely defeated

I started pushing up to make a metal line

I can not play without muscles

Oh, I can’t keep up with the fast tempo unless I have enough muscle for downpicking.

Based on the advice of seniors, I think that I was able to play from the tempo of about 200 to about 200 at the time, starting from 8 minutes at a tempo of about 150 while adjusting to a click.

I think that I exceeded the limit while raising the tempo of click by 2 each day

As I continue to work every day, I am able to really play a punched back muscle because I really can make a muscle for the backing. The push-ups have nothing to do with me

If it continues every day, at first it was just enough to play just by playing it, and the room became enough, and the adjustment of the half mute and adjustment of the bass and the condition of the bass were gradually changed, and the tone became better and better.

After all continuation is power It is the favorite word Continuity is power

If you are in trouble with the downpicking half mute backing, please increase the tempo little by little every time you click

It is impossible if you can not get muscles even if you go to the target tempo suddenly

As an aside, I heard that a song called HIDE’s DICE was playing at down tempo with a tempo of about 215, but it’s down to me, is it true? Please tell me if you know it is a city legend?