Turbo overdrive (OD-2)


Versatile distortion pedal

Since I used od-2 as the main distortion effector until I bought DS-1x, it was an effector that I was indebted to

OD-2 that everyone had at that time

A long time ago I think that I had all the guitarists around me, it was also used for professional equipment

It is a convenient effector, battery long-lasting

Mid feels like it pops out before the burn. A wide range of sound comes out of the field that can be covered from Hard Rock Melocore to Pops.

The rightmost knob is a turbo switch, and I was always in the ON position. When it is in the OFF position, it is possible to create a light distortion like OD-3 relatively


As it is pleasant to put out a drive sound that pops out bones and pops out with turbo ON, I used that like OD-3 to create main distortion with od-2 with 2 units in the front stage and comp + Hi with od-3 I used it often

Well, in reality, DS-1x will be upward compatible, so now it’s a reserve. Let’s start playing after a long time.

It has a characteristic that the middle sticks out when jerking with a power cord, and it also feels like it’s a bit old because it’s an old effector.