Why is the 3-piece band cool?

Representative example of 3 piece band

Nirvana, Hi-standard, WANIMA, Yaba T, Fuji Fabric, RIZE, shisyamo, Triceratops, Rickling, Shonen Knife etc

Feeling of bare sound, chorus work, feeling of tension of performance, attraction of minorities, 3-piece band that looks 1.5 times cool

maa hello i like 3 piece band more than 4 piece band

Why do you look cool? I would like to approach that secret

This time I would like to talk about the attractiveness of the 3-piece band

Speaking of a 3-piece band, I think it’s probably a high standard nowadays, a 3-piece band looks 1.5 times more cool than a 4-piece band (compared to our company) Let’s come close to the reason

I have thought for many years, but the big conclusion is this

Compared to 4 pieces, 3 piece band has more responsibility per member, → increased tension feeling → more thrilling performance → transmitted to customers → attract customers

I’ve been thinking for years, but this is probably the conclusion

The other reason is that the odd number is more cool than the even number, but the reason is unknown but the instinctively odd number of people looks cool. The number of prime people (3,5,7,11,13,17 ,,,,,,,) is also personally attractive

A prime number is a natural number that does not have a positive divisor other than 1 and itself, and is an element that is not related to the music of the band, but is it only you who is attracted somehow?

The band is split by 2 so the attraction is halved in this theory

The three-piece band looks like a pretty triangle on the stage too It’s also a cool factor Four bands are disappointed that the drum is covered with the vocalist and can not be seen so much from the audience

Playing with the minimum number of people forming a band

It is not cheating I look good

What are the disadvantages of the 3-piece band?

Studio cost is higher than 4 people, but it is very difficult to find live house tickets! Really very

It is hard to move from the front of the microphone in staging, can not move

The backing when the guitar solo becomes thin, a small mistake

This area is a bit musically inconvenient, but there are many bands that cover well

In addition, if it is 3 pieces, the sound tends to be thin, but I feel like I can listen to the song more instinctively.


The cool secret of maa’s 3-piece band is

Tension of the sound that is born from the small number of people produces the power to pull in the listener!

Doesn’t the thinness of the sound move closer to the listener? It was a conclusion that

I love 3 piece bands and I support them more than necessary!