Youtuber is also a must see! How to choose according to the type and use of the microphone, about the recording equipment

Hello Maa I think that there are those who do not know about the recording equipment in the case of video shooting such as youtube etc. It is a valuable content for DTM beginners

It is surprisingly detailed because I was a home record kid who recorded using cassette MTR since I was a junior high school student

Since I have been helping PA sites such as live, I will write about what I can understand about acoustic equipment

If you are not familiar with the recording equipment and are interested in it, write it for those who are going to start youtube from now on

You can stack up to the nostalgic cassette MTR 4 track

There are two main types of microphones

  • Dynamic microphone
  • Condenser microphone

Dynamic microphone

Dynamic microphones are microphones like the one in the photo on the right, the band vocals have.

Representative is SHURE Dynamic Microphone SM58

However, it is a microphone of the world standard that there is always one or more in the music studio in the world.

There is a microphone sensitivity at the microphone ball, right? It feels like picking up a sound within 30 cm around it, and if it gets further away it will not pick up much sound, which is also a good place for dynamic microphones

Condenser microphone

Condenser microphone is almost like this

The black thing in front of the microphone is a pop guard that keeps the blowing noise from hitting the microphone

The white mesh around the microphone is to absorb the shock so that the floor vibration is not transmitted to the microphone

The representative player is Rode NT1-A

There are several features

  • Because the sensitivity is so good, I can pick up sounds that are many meters away
  • I can record the sparkling high range beautifully
  • On the contrary, I am not good at low range
  • Requires a power supply (the power supply of the condenser microphone is called phantom power)
  • Often more expensive than dynamic microphones

How do you use it separately

Commentary You must always keep the microphone in front of your mouth, but dynamic microphones are suitable. I think that dynamic microphones are suitable for powerful songs

When you want to record the entire sound in a room, or a wide range of sounds, such as the crowds of town or the cheers of live audiences, condenser microphones are better. It is also suitable for

The female vocalist’s singing voice can be recorded more beautifully by the condenser microphone in many cases, but it requires a soundproof environment or a very quiet room. The sound of the motorbike running outside the house gets stuck and it may be possible to redo it, it is absolutely impossible if an ambulance comes

What is the microphone cable?

It is a part of the screen when you search for “microphone cable” in here Amazon

A terminal whose second end from the left is called a phone is called a terminal called an XLR or a canon

The black one on the left is like a tube, right? These are called XLR cables or canon cables. I call the canon cable because the canon looks more like a weapon and is cool

So, I would recommend the Canon cable because the Canon cable is more resistant to noise.


There are three pins so you can see if you look at the photo above for noise resistant reasons, right? Kore is a + to-grind (earth), and it is because it is made to let noise escape in the grind. In the acoustic world, most mic cables use cannon cables

How do I connect to a PC?

By the way, when recording or recording, it will be how to connect to a PC with a canon cable, but I have never heard of a PC that is like a canon

All you need is an audio interface

behringer UM2

What is an audio interface
An audio interface is for converting digital signals on a personal computer into analog audio signals, and analog audio signals are analog headphone sounds from a computer’s headphone jack or from speakers built into the computer. It can be said that it is a signal. Of course, the reverse is also possible, connecting an instrument etc. to the audio interface, converting it into data and making it usable on a personal computer. (As analog = A, digital = D, it may be written as D / A, A / D.)

Quote from

As a cospa-oriented maa, I would recommend Behringer’s UM2 audio interface, but I have to put a sound driver software into my PC. Asio, UM2 is cheap, but I can not download ASIO, so download and install it. It’s a lot of work that I have to do, but it’s not too hard, and there’s free ASIO software, so it’s recommended to use UM2 because it’s also used for band recordings. Simple recording is enough to support enough power. It is good to correspond

The other audio interface is great at Bellinger within 5000 yen in 120,000 commonplaces.

If you don’t know about ASIO installation, there is a great commentary on Soundhouse like this, so it’s helpful.

azarashi kun

It was a story about how to choose according to the type and use of the microphone by the above, recording equipment

Thank you very much for reading so far I felt that I was studying in PAs, audio interfaces, ASIO and so on when I was in my 20s and I struggled so much.