Introduce a free guitar amp simulator plug-in


I’m introducing a guitar amplifier simulator plug-in that can be used with DAW, but I was surprised at how much it can make it sound for free


This is a speaker simulator (cabinet simulator), but by combining it with an IR file, the sound of the guitar amplifier is reproduced in a realistic manner

Impulse Response What is an IR File?

Impulse response is an audio file that records the characteristics of the sound possessed by the equipment, acoustic environment, and playback system. Originally IR was used to reproduce the unique acoustic space within the reverb processor. After that, various types such as the Sydney Opera House that reproduces a large-scale space appeared as studio reverbs, and changed the world of professional mixing.

Quote from LINE6 company blog page

It is a self-regarding interpretation and it seems that the sound and reverberation of the studio room are included in the IR file, and it is imported to simulate the sound of the guitar amplifier and create it

IR files seem to be produced by volunteers from around the world in various studios, and many can be found free of charge if you search on the internet.

↑↑If you do your best to register as a member, you can download it for free

↑↑If you do your best to register as a member, you can download it for free

This plug-in can load different IR files to the left and right and output as stereo, but I only use in mono

You can select the type of marshall and type of microphone, the position of miking, and the distance in detail.


Here is a guitar amplifier simulator. It is a good feeling to use it in combination with the previous NadIR


Tweak the knob in the sense of tweaking the amp in the rehearsal

A little caution is to connect NRR-1 to the front stage and NadIR to the back in the plug-in connection order, so as not to forget

Download formula



Reading of IR files takes some time, but recent digital technology is great.

A little while ago the amp simulator was a digital noise and was not usable, but it sounds good. It’s free.