Distortion(DS-1X) BOSS


Modern Rock Guitarist Essential Pedal

Last year (2018) bought a distortion-based boss of the boss, I used to use the boss’s turbo overdrive (OD-2) instead of this guy, I think that it was just a big right to change it. It sounds like modern as a whole. If you turn the LOW knob more than 12 o’clock, the Suge LOW will come out, so I think that the knob of DIST up to 12 o’clock will also come out when it exceeds 12 o’clock, so it will be up to that part

It seems that it is said that separation of sound is very good with very clear distortion, but I think that it is the result, there is less noise.

It seems like digital processing and battery exhaustion is severe, 9V battery is lost in studio once or twice. So it is better to connect an AC adapter, I connect a mobile battery with a 9V changer.

I always use it to weaken the overdrive (OD-3) before DS-1x and combine the two distortions, For now, I tried recording a little with one guy.

I think that it is an effect that will appeal to everyone, but a pretty cool sound comes out even if you play with the knob! As expected BOSS! It can be recommended if there is a person who is troubled with a hard-distorted effector